Autumn Challenge - 150 Minutes of Activity in one Week

Earn 150 BetterTickets

Be part of our Autumn Challenge. Just walk, cycle or run for 150 minutes in one week to earn a whopping 150 BetterTickets for our monthly prize draw. You can earn up to 600 tickets per month (4 x 150 for each week you reach the goal), with a 1,000 BetterPoints bonus for reaching the weekly goal of 150 minutes  4 times within 30 days.

Autumn Prize Draw:

1 pot of 100,000 BetterPoints (worth £100)

2  pots of 50,000 BetterPoints (worth £50)

4 pots of 25,000 BetterPoints (worth £25)

10 pots of 10,000 BetterPoints (worth £10)

20 pots of 5,000 BetterPoints (worth £5)


  • This reward is only valid for activities of type: Walk, Cycle, Run.

  • You must do this activity for at least 150 minutes within the Same Calendar Week.

  • You can receive this reward at most once within the Same Calendar Week.

  • Part of your activity must be in one of the following locations:
    • United Kingdom