Ainara: Anything we can do to avoid pollution is important

29 January 2018

BetterPoints’ year-long rewards scheme is encouraging people to think about the way they travel around Greenwich and the impact that has on air quality in the town, and to change the way they think about their own transport uses.

Ainara Jauregui Rodriguez lives in Greenwich and works near Westferry Circus as a marine vetting specialist.

She is a keen cyclist who has been enjoying earning points for her journeys to work. What does she like the most about BetterPoints?

“The fact that doing activities that I would do anyway, I'm getting something in exchange.”

Ainara is a member of our programme BetterPoints Greenwich that promotes active and sustainable travel in the Low Emission Neighbourhood of Greenwich.

We already live in a very polluted city, so anything we can do to avoid contamination is important,” Ainara says.

Ainara recommends Greenwich Park and the Thames Path for a nice walk or cycle ride in the borough.

People living in the LEN - entering a LEN postcode upon sign-up - will be automatically added to the programme. If your home postcode is outside the LEN, add the "GreenwichLEN" promo code upon sign-up to enter the programme. Click here to download the BetterPoints Android app or here to download the BetterPoints iOS app.