Cycling Challenge team races ahead with BetterPoints

31 March 2017

The team behind the annual European Cycling Challenge is using BetterPoints to encourage a whole city to change its transport habits.

The team is part of SRM, the transport authority of the Italian city, Bologna. Like many major cities, Bologna struggles to manage traffic congestion and its side effects. The team at SRM wants to test how well incentives can help reduce the number of motorised vehicles used for journeys such as commuting, visiting the city and travelling to festivals.

People can use our app to track when they walk, cycle or use public transport in Bologna and are rewarded with BetterPoints. They can spend those points by presenting the retailer with a barcode in our app on their phone. The barcode can be scanned directly into the barcode reader of any of SRM’s retail partners, making it easy for both the user and the retailer. 

This itself is an innovation for BetterPoints. Up until now, BetterPoints app users have redeemed their points for vouchers to use in participating high street stores. We have also offered an option for retailers to scan QR codes from our app but now, for the first time, retailers can accept BetterPoints at the point of sale using the EAN13 barcode standard.

This has helped SRM build partnerships with a fantastic range of retailers, from the major Italian supermarket chain, Conad and the international sports retailer, Decathlon, through local budget chains, bike stores and opticians to independent bookshops, restaurants and bars.

The programme is funded by the European Empower project. We’re really excited to be working with the SRM team on this programme because they bring so much enthusiasm and experience and are helping us explore whole new possibilities for behaviour change.

Image of bicycles in Bologna by DaiLuo. Licence: CC-BY-2.0.