Ditch the Car Star Caroline

22 July 2019

Every week we have awarded a £10 Love2Shop Voucher to our 'Ditch the Car Star' as part of the Travelwest Challenge.

Our final winner is Caroline K from Warmley Hill. Before she joined the challenge Caroline would commute by car 5 days a week. As part of the challenge she has swapped her car trips for more sustainable journeys and active travel. In her survey she indicated that she got more exercise as a result, saved on her travel costs, felt happier and less stressed. 

This is what she said about how joining the challenge and how it has helped her specifically: 

"Before starting the Travelwest Challenge, I didn’t think twice about hopping in the car for short journeys like nipping to the shops. Now I make a concerted effort to walk instead, which leaves me feeling far more refreshed, energised and pleased in the knowledge I’ve done something for the environment (and saved a few pennies!)."

Congratulations Caroline and well done for making changes to the way you travel.

Well done to all of you who ditched the car during the Travelwest Challenge! We hope you continue to do so.