Earn 5000 BetterPoints (worth £5) when you complete your first BikeSmart cycle!

10 May 2017

Now is the time to swap car journeys for cycling in Reading.

Some of you may have registered for BikeSmart and haven't yet tracked a cycle.

What are you waiting for, now is the time to hop on your bicycle or a ReadyBike and be rewarded with 5000 BetterPoints (worth £5) for your first cycle of at least one mile in Reading.

If you're already earning BetterPoints for cycling then tell your friends and family that up until 1st June 2017 we are now giving away 5,000 BetterPoints to new BikeSmart cyclists for their first cycle.  

What do new BikeSmart cyclists need to do ?

They can download the BetterPoints app in the app store  and begin earning rewards for cycling in Reading.

How can I spend my BetterPoints?

You can spend your points on yourself in our 'Rewards' section on donate them to your favourite charity.

Every cycle enters you into our prize draw too look at the prizes we gave away in April and what is coming up in May here 

Get cycling and earning rewards like this Decathlon Bike.

Happy cycling,

The BikeSmart Reading Team