"The best thing that I’ve done in years!"

Anne Lancaster - 14 March 2016

When you live in London, sometimes it's hard to find some space to get away from the hustle and bustle of such a large city. Stephen from Isleworth often found that driving "is very stressful, especially on London roads. Some drivers are just so angry and aggressive, it makes it unpleasant for everybody else!"

Now Stephen walks more to the train station and then takes the train to work, using the BetterPoints app to motivate himself to walk more often. "When I’m working, I work up in the city, so I walk to and from the local train station, Hounslow or Whitton." He found out about BetterPoints by reading the local council's Hounslow Matters magazine. "They had a series of walks in local parks, so we regularly pick walks around Hounslow parks. Also, I go swimming so I walk to the leisure centre and back."

Stephen reports that he's been walking "a lot more... it's very motivational. I like it when I get my 150 BetterPoints, and there’s a bit of healthy competition between me and my wife as to who has the most points! She uses it primarily for commuting. She walks to work and back, she gets quite a lot of her points for commuting, just by walking."

It's not just the points that result from the extra walking, Stephen's found other benefits too. "Because I’m currently between jobs, it actually helps rest my mind. It’s a good form of stress relief. I feel like I’ve got some adrenaline and it's helping me burn calories. I do like my food, but it feels like I’ve earned my food because I’ve done all the walking. I definitely feel fitter." 

And how does it make him feel? "Brilliant, really good. It’s often, especially in the line of work I do, that you often don’t feel a sense of achievement, but it gives you that when you’ve achieved 150 points, and there’s also the physical benefits." 

Stephen's miles of walking have resulted in earning over 25,000 BetterPoints within a small amount of time, and he's redeemed them for B&Q, Argos and Starbucks gift vouchers so far. He added "It’s the freedom that BetterPoints gives you, that it’s like free money that you can choose to spend where you like!"

Stephen sums up BetterPoints as "Money for something, as opposed to money for nothing! When you do the exercise, it gives you thinking time, and you get money at the end of it. It’s the best thing that I’ve done in years, it’s been great!"

You too can use BetterPoints to motivate yourself to walk, cycle, run or visit parks in Hounslow and some other areas of the UK. Simply register here to get your first 500 BetterPoints and download the app. What benefits could you see in your own life?