Join the York Winter Challenge in 3 Easy Steps!

30 January 2017

Not sure on how to sign up to the York Winter Challenge? Here's a few easy steps to get you started.

Step 1:  Have a look under the programmes tab. There you should find the York Winter Challenge under available programmes if you're not already a member. It looks like this:


And here's what it looks like if you navigate to Programmes in the BetterPoints app.

Step 2: Click the orange arrow to get started. You'll now see a page that lists the activity rewards and allows you to join the programme:

Or tap "Join" in the BetterPoints app.


Step 3: Now you can add your company. 

Here's how you select your company in the BetterPoints app.

Has your workplace not signed up to the challenge yet? Why not register them by emailing with your organisation’s name and number of employees?

Check here for more information on the York Winter Challenge: