"It really made me change!"

Vaughn Springer, MSU - 24 June 2016

Beginning the habit to lose weight can sometimes be a bit of a struggle, but Glenn from Hounslow shows us that perseverance wins the race. “I was working nights and it was something to do in the day. I started to lose weight. It was mainly walking in Bedfont Lakes and I was trying to follow a running routine too. I looked forward to buying something with the points I was getting.”

Trying new things can be intimidating, but that did not stop Glenn on his journey to becoming healthy, "I was never one for running. I always used to love cycling, and I always felt I could never run and never do it, but now I absolutely love it! It really made me change in that way."

Glenn appreciates that his hard work pays off when using BetterPoints, “It did motivate me to go out and do something… I lost 3 stone and am doing really well. If you want to get out more and get fit, it’s more of an incentive than other apps!” He explained the points were a big motive for him, “I was definitely running more because of the points.”

Even more, Glenn’s family (and pet) will even join him on his trips out with the app. “I’ve got fitter and feel better within myself. The dog’s got fit as well. My teenage daughter used to come with me too if I was running in the evening.”

Glenn enjoys saving up his BetterPoints for future treats with his family. “I build them up to have money off at Tesco. We’re going on a canal holiday and can use the vouchers then!”

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