Top Three Reasons to Buy Digital Vouchers

04 July 2016

We think digital vouchers are tops! Choose one of our online  e-vouchers and see how easy it is to redeem your BetterPoints. Here are the top three reasons we think you should go digital!

1. They're eco friendly!
No paper involved. Just a few clicks and voila!


2. No postage and handling costs
BetterPoints are now employing postage and handling costs on all of our postal vouchers.  Using your points for an online voucher won't incur these costs.


3. They're convenient and arrive quickly!
Have something you want to buy now? Use your points to purchase an online voucher which arrives in your inbox in a snap.

Don't forget that we also have thousands of charities and local organisations that you can donate to on our site. Just click the donate tab on the app and get up to good with BetterPoints!