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Help your Employees join in the Travelwest Challenge

Anyone working or living in the West of England can take part in this 6-week challenge which rewards people who travel to work by walking, cycling, lift-sharing or using public transport.

Businesses and organisations have found that encouraging staff to travel more sustainably has contributed positively to a healthier workforce, less absenteeism, and improved productivity. See Travelwest for essential evidence.

Last year, hundreds of businesses signed up and thousands of staff competed to see who could reach the top of the leaderboard and the winner organisations of Travelwest Challenge 2019 will be invited to attend the Travelwest Awards later in the year to receive their certificate!

We’ll also provide the winning organisations with a £100 voucher to donate to a charity of their choice.

The Travelwest Challenge runs from Monday 10 June - 21 July 2019 for 6 weeks.

Last year’s winners were:

  • Micro: Key Transport Consultants
  • Small: Transport Planning Associates
  • Medium: Triodos Bank
  • Large: DAC Beachcroft

If you would like your organisation to take part, contact us.


Once the challenge starts, the leaderboard can be accessed through the app in the progress tab, or on the website.

The prizes up for grabs during the challenge can be found here.

Digital toolkit

Click here to download posters, social media assets and our ‘how to guide’ on promote the Travelwest Challenge in your organisation.

If your employees home postcode falls outside of the area for the Travelwest Challenge, but you work within the West of England area, please have them join with referral code TWCOA2019 and then choose your organisation.