Boost your productivity and health with “walking meetings”

You can boost your productivity and enjoy the health benefits of walking at work if you turn at least one meeting a week into a “walking meeting”.

According to a small study from the U.S., converting one weekly meeting to a "walking meeting" may raise work-related physical activity levels of office workers by 10 minutes.

UK Active took the lead on promoting the idea of conducting meetings while walking or working out. The agency called on the government to consider tax breaks for companies which promote activity, by offering free gym membership or exercise classes.

“Sweatworking sessions are a great way to maintain workers’ health and to build meaningful business relationships, both with customers and within teams thanks to the release of endorphins,” UK Active director Steven Ward told the Telegraph.

According to Public Health England guidelines, as little as 10 minutes of moderate physical activity at a time provides physical and mental health benefits.

Give it a try, and set the location of your next meeting to a nearby park. Don’t forget to start a BetterPoints walking session at the same time to earn rewards for the activity.

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Photo credit: Alexis Brown, Unsplash