Workplace Challenge - Employee Information

Get Active and earn rewards with a brand new 'Workplace Challenge' from The Bridgwater Way and BetterPoints!

We have teamed up with The Bridgwater Way to bring you a workplace challenge. The challenge is in partnership with SYSTRA, Sustrans, Living Streets and Go Travel Solutions, and runs from 13th May to 21st June 2019.

Using the BetterPoints app you can record your active travel (walking, cycling and running) and sustainable travel (bus, train and car sharing) to earn rewards. Every activity you do which is over half a mile will earn you a BetterTicket into our weekly prize draw. Every week two people will win £50, four winners will receive £25 and six winners will receive £15. That's nearly £300 worth of BetterPoints up for grabs every week!

Many workplaces of similar sizes will be competing against each other, the workplace in each size category that gets the most people involved will win £100 for a charity of their choice at the end of the challenge.

The person who does the most trips over the whole challenge will be the Overall Workplace Challenge Champion and receive £100 worth of BetterPoints for themselves and £100 to donate to a charity of their choice.

As well as great prizes, just for fun leaderboards in the app will show weekly progress and the overall progress as well as collectively how much active travel has been achieved and CO2 saved. So if you like a challenge or would just like to help your favourite charity, download the free BetterPoints app and join The Bridgwater Way Workplace Challenge.

How Do I Join?

If you are new to BetterPoints - click below to download the free BetterPoints app from your app store.


Watch a short video here to get you started and join The Bridgwater Way programme.

How Do I Join the Workplace Challenge?

From 1st May you can sign up the the challenge by using the unique referral code from your workplace and join the Workplace Challenge programme by selecting your team (workplace) from the list.

What is the difference between BetterTickets and BetterPoints?

BetterTickets are prize draw entries earned for doing a specific activity. The tickets you earn each trip automatically enter you into our weekly and monthly prize draws. You can see how many you have earned by going to the Progress tab of the app, and selecting Prize Draws from the drop-down menu.

BetterPoints are something you can win through the prize draws. They are a financially backed currency that you can redeem for high street vouchers or donate to your favourite charity or community group. 1,000 BetterPoints equals £1.

What can I spend my points on?

Check out our list of vouchers here or click 'redeem' on the bottom navigation bar of your app. You can also give your points to your favourite charity or community group.  Click 'donate' in the app to find out more.

Workplace not listed?

Once you have downloaded the app and are logged in, click on the 'Help' section in the app menu and send us a message, from 1st May we'll have your workplace added and let you know when it's ready for you to choose from the menu.

If you don’t see your workplace when you register please contact Chloe Williams who can add your workplace to the challenge.

For more information on The Bridgwater Way - Workplace Challenge please read our 'Frequently Asked Questions.'