Ditch the Car Star Hannah

15 July 2019

Every week we are awarding a £10 Love2Shop Voucher to our 'Ditch the Car Star' as part of the Travelwest Challenge.

Our fifth winner is Hannah R from Bournville near Weston Super Mare. Before she joined the challenge Hannah would commute by car 5 days a week, and as part of the Travelwest Challenge she has swapped car trips for more sustainable journeys as well as active travel. In her survey she indicated that she gets much more exercise, feels happier and less stressed, plus it has saved money on travel costs. 

This is what she said about joining the challenge and how it has helped her: 

“Taking away the convenience of taking the car to and from work was initially a concern but actually it has opened up a more focused, less stressed attitude - I look forward to my walks or cycle rides as a chance to chill before work and listen to music. I've saved money on petrol and parking but better than that I feel like I have been more sustainable in my choices. The car still gets used for some trips but I think more deeply beforehand if it's really required and if so how car sharing can reduce our environmental impact. Overall, it's been a refreshing experience to reconnect with the world by slowing down a little bit and enjoying feeling fitter - my commute to work is more pleasant and I've found I'm more inspired to walk for fun than I was before! Seeing my progress and competing with colleagues makes it fun to participate.”

Congratulations to Hannah and well done for making changes to the way you travel. You have really lived and breathed what the Travelwest Challenge is all about!

We have one last £10 Love2Shop voucher to give away to our last Ditch the Car Star. To take part in the last survey make sure you tap the Play ▶ button in the top right corner of the app and select the 'Ditch the Car Star' survey.